it all began….

In his journey of working with leading firms, Vinit often came across numerous students and professionals who were looking to expand their financial knowledge. While they had this unquenchable thirst for knowledge, what they did not have was the right institution that could channelise their potential. Since he wanted to do something for them, Vinit realised that this was the best way in which he could utilise his CFA, CFP, and CWM expertise. That’s what led to the inception of Finodemy.

Fin O ance
Aca demy

Vinit founded Finodemy Edutech in 2019 with an aim of delivering simplified financial knowledge. Since then, he’s been on the quest to change the theoretical way professional financial courses are taught and making it more practical & relevant. The courses are designed in a way that students and professionals gain knowledge through innovative learning techniques and hands-on experience.

Our Mission

To transform one million lives by making them accomplished financial professionals.

Our Vision

To create an inclusive learning environment by offering dynamic, practical, and interactive knowledge sessions.

Our Values

When we’re committed to it, we make sure we do it.

We raise the bar through rewarding learning experiences.

We take ownership of our work and do it as correctly as we can.

Leading by example

Having successfully completed his CFA, CFP, and CWM courses, Vinit Iyer spearheads Finodemy Edutech with an objective to help candidates add value to their financial knowledge in an effective manner. Vinit dons several hats as a learner, financial advisor, financial consultant, and tutor. He strives to add purpose to individuals’ lives by offering simple financial expertise.